transformation challenge
transformation challenge
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“From SHIT 2 FIT”

“GQGeorge’s fitness challenge – 30-day transformation VLOG”

Starting this June. GQGeorge will attempt to convert his flabby ridiculous looking current physique weighing 78kg/171lb to the more reasonable condition he had in this past video as he is relying on the concept of “muscle memory” which he says has never failed him. GQ has not worked out in over 2 years but believes that courage, persistence, discipline and determination shall get him there in 30 days.  During this period, he will be updating his blog with his workout routine and talk about his diet/supplementation regimen. So, stay tuned and let us see if this challenge is completed successfully or whether GQ will want the earth below him to swallow him up from sheer embarrassment and utter humiliation!

Weekly Measurements

9 June 2018 (Current)
Height: 180cm (will remain static) :))
Weight: 78kg
Bodyfat: 21%

Short fitness bio:
I first got into weight training when I was 13 years old. I guess it happened by mere coincidence. I used to hang out a lot with my cousins who are roughly the same age as I. Like most rebellious teens, we were always up to some kind of mischief.  We would steal Playboy and other pornographic magazines from kiosks.  For some reason, one day my cousin took a magazine which was different, most probably just for the sake of it. This magazine went by the name “Musclemag International”, a Canadian based publication. When we got home we flipped through it marvelling at how huge the bodybuilders were when one of them named Flex Wheeler caught my attention.  From that moment on I was fascinated. He had what seemed to me at the time to be the perfect body. Symmetrical with huge cartoon-like muscle bellies, a perfect “V shape” that tapered down to a tiny 28-inch waist. I said to myself, “this is how I want to look”.  I didn’t know anything about the sport until then. Nevertheless, I was now hooked and it became my number 1 priority. Every month I’d go and buy the latest Musclemag and read every single article ingesting as much knowledge as possible with the sole intent of accomplishing the kind of body that I so admired. I would often refer back to my magazines multiple times.  My Musclemag collection was to become my bible.  I joined the gym for the very first time the following day.

I would follow the routines of professional bodybuilders believing that I could get there quickly. I bought and read several books on the subject including books that Arnold Schwarzenegger published.  Despite this, I just couldn’t seem to pack on any muscle believing that eating healthy and light was the way to go as that’s what everybody was proposing at the time. My daily meals consisted of a few cans of tuna followed by either a carrot or a celery stick. No gains whatsoever.  This went on for quite a while and my patience was running out.  I went and bought my first protein powder supplement believing this was the “secret” that was missing in my quest to transform my skinny body overnight into a monstrous musclebound freak, but to no avail. I was frustrated and still skinny as hell, and it was literally making me sick. It was only until I started eating ten times the amount of what I was accustomed to when I started noticing slow, subtle changes. I had a non-existent appetite but persistence led me to start force-feeding myself. I soon realized how valid the statement that diet/nutrition makes up 70% was. Till then I believed “diet” was starving yourself. It took a while until my body adapted, but I was soon chugging down six and sometimes even seven meals a day.  It was soon becoming easier as I would now feel hungry often and become extremely groggy if there wasn’t any food around. The results were okay but nowhere near what I was expecting. After all, I wanted to be Flex Wheeler!

After reading the pro’s are endowed with exceptional genetics, do this as a full-time job, use numerous drugs, I realized that my goal was unattainable. However, by then the “gym bug” was firmly planted, as after each workout I would feel a wave of euphoria sweep over my whole body that working out became an addiction; albeit a healthy one. I trained ever since but was never consistent. I’d go for three or four months and then stop for 2. This really annoyed me but I must have lacked the necessary discipline.

Fast forward to today.
Some personal troubles got the better of me in 2016 and the consequence was diet and training simply going down the toilet.

Quick recap & the present moment:
I haven’t touched a weight in over two years and I’ve been eating once a day at best. A sandwich here, a sandwich there.  I totally left the old days behind.

I have never taken such a long break before but every time I did take some shorter breaks I would always quickly spring back to the condition I was in before if not better rather quickly. Muscle memory is real.  This is what I am hoping to prove to all here, as I’m putting everything online.  This serves as motivation but I hope to also inspire others in similar situations.

One of the things that attracted me to lifting weights was not only the health and strength aspects but the fact that you are not competing with anyone but “yourself”.

I will be supplementing meals with protein powder and various vitamins. No fancy gym equipment. Only the necessary and in my opinion, the best…Free weights. Barbells, dumbbells and a bench.  I’ve always preferred to train at home as focus is of paramount importance.  Crowded gyms with people standing around socializing and waiting for the girl to finish her 2kg chest press so I can use the machine when I’m pumped up and ready to give it my all is counterproductive (
for me).

Current Progress
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