Image Obsessed: The Relationship between Instagram and the Fitness Industry — When obsession with your image becomes a sickness. So many people have commited suicide when the inevitable forces of nature took over. To them their image was everything. They remained shallow & superficial.

STAY AWAY FROM THESE INDIVIDUALS. With 200 million current active users, it’s no surprise that Instagram is dominating the social media sphere, and is playing a huge part in the driving force that is the fitness industry. Through Instagram alone we have seen an astronomical surge in fitness movements, communities, and self-made influencers. Last year, Continue Reading

How does change work?

Science has finally dispelled the idea of free-will. Instead, we are bombarded with gossip and mind-numbing drivel; “topics” ranging from Donald Trump’s alleged affair with a pornstar to the detailed analysis of the current state of Kim Kardashian’s ass during pregnancy.

Какова цель брака и почему люди являются «неверных»

Мужчина в постели с женщиной и оба не любить друг друга, но они все еще пытаются сделать любовь, потому что они состоят в браке. Это ОТВРАТИТЕЛЬНО уродливый….

Why does Eckhart Tolle have to be a millionaire? & a swipe at religions. — GQGeorge | Official Website

“People of faith, I invite you to “bash” me with everything you’ve got.” via Why does Eckhart Tolle have to be a millionaire? & a swipe at religions. — GQGeorge | Official Website

Monkey Mind ~ lost in thought

Monkey Mind ~ lost in thought Thinking vs Awareness. By George Satsias. The Illusion of Memory Have you ever paid close attention to thoughts (this practice is foreign to many and thus tragic state has become normal).  Not being able to stop thinking is a dreadful affliction.  Being “lost in thought” in this context simply Continue Reading

If you want to be Awe Inspired

If you want to be awe inspired…

Look at the beautiful galaxies in color and depth and majesty like nothing the human eye has ever seen. Turn away from that if you wish and gaze at a burning bush in an illiterate part of the Middle East & say that’s where revelation came…

Einstein – “The great miracle of physics is there are no miracles”