I’ve never been able to understand the fear of death.

<<Meanings and enigmatic life mysteries>>

Furthermore; last time I did some research into human fear, in general, I was astonished to read that the fear of death is ranked the #1 fear worldwide (not only among the elderly mind you!), and is a major factor in human psychological suffering, whether that be depression, anxiety…the Fear of death. You name it!

The fear of death also dictates our actions throughout life consciously and unconsciously!

This fact is just one of many incomprehensible life mysteries I would like to grasp.


Possible solution and my reasoning behind it:

Nobody can give you the answers. You possess them already. Underneath every question lies the answer. Just be quiet 😉

It may be consoling to some and useless to others. Perhaps too feeble-minded, I comprehend this matter with what I would call “common sense” as follows:


What is boredom? Moreover, why are we the only species on the planet that feels bored? Does a cow chewing grass all day say to itself, “This is so fucking boring”? Boredom is rooted in the fear of death. Even young (intelligent) infants get bored. Unconsciously we know that the clock is ticking. We need to fill the void. We feel empty and need to consume junk in the form of food, and digital media. You call up a friend for no apparent reason; Gossip and more GOSSIP!.

What’s up?

We need distractions, noise the company of another. Some even feel uncomfortable alone, then create an illusory illness for themselves, and call it loneliness. Judged negatively it shall manifest negativity. The illusion is now a personal reality.

“The sick human mind at work”.


We are not aware of our own thoughts. We don’t know ourselves. If we did, all this would be a laughing matter yet we go to another for help lacing the psychologist’s pockets with cash. Never able to resolve a thing alone, but always having to rely on someone else! Pathetic once again as initial results from such idiotic endeavours are at best placebo and soon were back at stage one.

From what one can witness it is unfortunate that there are only few who are free from the egoic mind or have mastered it. Call them awake, enlightened, and self-realized; the wording doesn’t really matter. Language, after all, is a mere sound that we attach meanings to and therefore in a non-practical sense not only are they utterly useless, they are a hindrance. But NO we ape 🦍 that is only half. Chromosome away from a chimpanzee will one day explain the Cosmos through these noises sh fff ttrrrr (nouns and consonants). Hilarious

  • Psychologists don’t know themselves. How can they help anyone else? With predefined written concepts, they can never claim to know the mind.
  • Their profession falls amongst the highest suicide group globally.

Read Freud, but do so without any reverence for him so you don’t read with a filter of bias. The “Father of Western Psychology”. His obsession with sex and his correlations prove he was a pervert at best and…

The greatest fraud of the 20th century.


Both Psychology, as well as Psychiatry, is PSEUDOSCIENCE.

$$ Big Bucks $$

Read the labels of today’s pharmaceuticals. 90-95% state:


Look for yourselves.

As you read this around a quarter of the world’s population are acting as guinea pigs. They work. Sure some do. That is the power of the mind.  It’s nothing more than a placebo. What they are side effects in a pill. That is it. Do you want a bottle of Side effects? That will be $99.99.

Aloneness, as opposed to loneliness, is a gift we cannot appreciate. This is not a judgment, as it is the human condition for many. Nevertheless, pathetic (oops I did it again) to say the least.

Let us continue…

We turn on the TV to consume more shit. What is the hurry? Why the subtle feeling of distress? Or panic? It may be a far stretch but human beings cannot be superior to cats for example. We are the most violent, fearful and destructive beings on Earth, therefore I must say the dumbest. You may say we have language and technology. I say what you have accomplished with it. More problems, drones, nukes and endless wars? We reap what we sow


Do you think your dog may have depression? You need a good slap upside the head. Perhaps you will wake up. Violence can be quite helpful if it shocks to the point of clarity; much like a Zen Master’s cane.

It is very simple. Let’s put all matters about NDE’s, various philosophies and theories such as consciousness floating free from the brain at death and religious sentimentalities aside and assume there’s nothing after death. When I say nothing, I mean nothing. (Not you trapped in some kind of eternal blackness or teleported to some paradise heavenly realm).When you die you will not know you are dead. So what is there to fear if this is the case?

How can you fear something you will not experience?

The reality behind the mask.


Additionally, you are quite happy to leave what YOU call “reality” (a reality you are extremely familiar with) every night. You leave the body and the mind…It has a name…

“Deep sleep”.

Suddenly you awaken eight hours later and it is as if no time passed.
Space & time do not exist. That’s also a mere thought. Another asinine belief.

Have you ever thought about going to sleep and never waking up? Try it. Use a little imagination…

Where is the problem? The so-called “problem” is just another thought/idea!

We must be superior with such decadent costumes? No? We’re stupid? Ludicrous? Naive? Hmm. How dare I?

Ponder on that for a while…

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way ‘I’ know to avoid the trap you have something to lose!


It’s extremely straight forward, isn’t it? Share your thoughts.

“I’m bored. Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”
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