∞ Infinity ∞

The defining of beauty is easy to describe. I have climbed Mount Everest only to continue to feel a sense of loss, an unsatisfactoriness.  While on the hills I marvelled at the singing of a bird, and the beauty of the moon’s reflection shimmering down on the breathtaking Mediterranean at night.  I must confess that beauty is everywhere I look.


A beautiful silhouette was moving sensually in my view.  I couldn’t make out what it was until my gaze deepened.  To my delight, my eyes revelled at a beautiful girl that was dancing. She captivated my eyes. All thoughts would vanish as if time had stopped. She was in the shallow sea water dancing barefooted and wearing a sexy summer dress.  All along this mermaid carried on melodically singing and smiling to the sea. She approached me; fell at my feet and asked me. Am I attractive?, Am I sexy? cute?  She then uttered “will you not join me and dance with me by the stunning sea? I want us to dance for the sun, the bright blue skies and the sea my dark handsome man”.


I told my ravishing Androulla. I would love to watch you.  You’re so free and disinhibited.  There’s a wildness in you that is magnetizing me with such force. Your dark brunette wavy hair blowing lightly in the summer winds splendour to my eyes, your body riddled with an irresistible allure.  You leave me breathless and wanting to perceive you. She placed her silky smooth and firm tanned legs over mine. I caressed her legs.  Velvet the only comparison.  I put my hand over her ankle bracelet, it was gold and bore the infinity symbol.  It was like the icing on a cake.  A perfect compliment to her soft and thin ankles.


I raised her the foot with the bracelet upon my lips, kissed it and said:  My darling elegant lady, you’re like a sweet dream.  I grabbed her close and softly whispered: Let’s dance. Now is the time we shall make even the Gods jealous of your beauty and grace.

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