Normal? WtfNormal? Wtf

Do you consider yourself a normal person? Would you want to be seen as or treated like a normal person? Why or why not?

George G.Q.

Hi, I don’t believe in such a concept and if it existed I’d certainly prefer NOT to be seen as “ normal” as I’ve observed when most use the term normal, it implies something that is accepted, a conformist. Not a unique individual but a prisoner of his own making. A hypocrite at best; and worst of all mediocre. Part of the herd.

I find such a notion not only abhorrent but also freedom denying. How disgusting.

The way others treat me is not my concern or my problem. I can only be held responsible for what I do and how “I” react as an individual. I’m not omnipotent so I can’t control the actions of others so whatever anyone else does is their “problem” so to speak.

I couldn’t care less what opinion others have of me as that would imply I have more respect for the opinion of another over my own. What would that make me? It’s imposed slavery as how you feel is not for you to decide but is given up to the whim of another.

Once again as I’ve said in previous replies on such matters,, “normal” is a 6 letter worded concept and therefore totally meaningless as it can be interpreted in an infinite number of ways. Drop trying to be normal. Any trying is getting in the way of oneself and if that’s not idiotic and insane I do not know what is.
Imagine a world If only “normal” people existed. A world without Socrates, Spinoza,
Michelangelo, Verdi, Shakespeare, Einstein. Now that WOULD be hell, wouldn’t it? To be yourself is to be free, and only a free person can know love.

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