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ESP? What is it?

ESP Research

That caged gerbil is being tested for psychic abilities.

That caged gerbil is being tested for psychic abilities.HENRY GROSKINSKY/TIME LIFE PICTURES/GETTY IMAGES

The total predictability and banality that the “normal” material life offers- (work, fleeting experiences, death) and its utter meaninglessness can’t be worth living in a universe with strict laws “set in stone”.

Some or none of our fantasies and dreams may or may not come true and does it really matter? 

Don’t despair.  There’s one sure thing that is certain, and for some reason, we’re to supposed see it as depressing?   

You moan I’m too controversial.  Truth is the only thing that cannot be controversial unless you’re Zeus.

Celebrate it fools (DEATH) and make sure to have a party rejoicing your existence rather than an ugly. emotional emo-gloom fest. If you believe your beloved is in heaven with Jesus shouldn’t you be having a party.  Do you see the hypocrisy of those crocodile tears? 
Look at the results of our disgusting traditions we invented…Ts ts ts ts.

You can stop this notion of putting the thought off.  You’ll be in for a rude awakening if you persist in your folly or do you have another view?  😀

Now back to the interesting stuff…

It’s not too difficult to explain anecdotal evidence of ESP, but scientific data is a little trickier. The common sceptical view is that parapsychologists’ positive lab results come from problems with the experiment or plain old bad science. If the researcher’s mathematical model is faulty, for example, simple chance guessing might look like something exceptional. Or the researchers could accidentally influence the subject to pick the right target. This could certainly happen, if the experiment isn’t tightly controlled. In Rhine’s early experiments, for example, he knew the correct card and he usually made eye contact with the guesser. The subject could have guessed correctly by unconsciously picking up on Rhine’s body language — what looked like ESP could have been simple intuition. Rhine later improved his methods, and his subject’s accuracy did drop off somewhat.


The biggest problem with a lot of ESP research is it isn’t reproducible. That is, one scientist may get results that another scientist can’t get by replicating the experiment with different subjects. Parapsychologists might point out that some people aren’t as psychically in-tune as others, so different subjects will yield different results, but the stigma still sticks. Reproducible results are essential to the conventional scientific method, so many scientists discount any irreproducible data no matter how credible the source.

In some cases, sceptics charge that ESP evidence is the product of outright fraud. There have certainly been experiments where parapsychologists manipulated data to support their own theories (this has occurred in most, if not all, scientific disciplines), and even an innocent scientist can have a hard time disproving these claims. Accusing a respected scientist of fraud is pretty serious business, however, so most sceptics are hesitant to take that step.

Sceptics are much more likely to point out fraud in unscientific ESP demonstrations, such as stage psychic shows. Most parapsychologists are also wary of ESP demonstrations for entertainment, simply because it’s too easy to create the illusion of psychic powers.

The most ubiquitous fraudulent method is cold reading, in which the stage psychic rapidly throws out general, broad suggestions to an audience member until something “hits.” For example, the psychic might say, “I see a man very close to you — the name starts with J — Jason, John, Jim? — An uncle, or grandfather, or older friend?” Objectively, you can see that this is so broad it could apply in some way to just about everybody. But in the moment, subjects typically concentrate on any correct guesses and ignore everything that misses. It’s the age-old trick of never being wrong and occasionally being right.


The best part is we only know a tiny fraction of anything, so fascination over any law-breaking activity (physics) / (bank robbery’s not my cup of tea. Too much adrenaline) ushers in the immense joy of discovery which makes the idea of hanging oneself off a bridge seem a bit too grim and premature.

Pseudo-science galore but hey…

Alchemy led to Chemistry &

Astrology (sorry douchebags of ’19) to Astronomy!

Oh, and ISLAM to Algebra(& back again).


Are the stars going to do it for me this month?
  Please tell me, I need to know!

If by some sudden shift of Orion my posts leave you feeling depressed, you missed the point entirely. 

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Beat my score and I’ll buy the first winner a toaster!


Toaster for bread.


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