A brief Audible message from the Supreme Commander in chief.


Opening Statement

“Before celebrating the launch of ‘GQ Woman’ I would like to take the opportunity to make a brief statement.

A launch of this kind would not be pertinent without acknowledging the female struggle through the ages.  The marginalisation imposed upon all women without exception, from the medieval times up until Universal Suffrage.

Men with their logical mind would make a boring world if not for the fairer sex.  We need a woman’s emotional storm to “shake things up,” to confuse us and finally entice us, for life without a woman would be like a teapot without a spout.  Moreover, without a woman’s love, there can be no talk of a successful man which includes the large segment of those with a childishly silly notion of success based on endless strife to accumulate as many material possessions as possible; something that would only make (some) sense in light of eternity. 🙂

The purpose of this segment is not to spout opinions, for it has never been a concern to win someone over to my point of view. What is of greater importance is that if we continue to make past mistakes by emphasising the very few aspects that separate the sexes, rather than shift our focus to the truth, we lose sight of the fact that above all we are human beings!

Virtue is the instant process of seeing a permanent fact whereby any outcome brought about by division can only be violence and hatred.  It is obvious!  When divided we are lost in the wilderness.  When we live the truth, there can be no separation.

Let us consider something.  Just entertain this idea briefly if you will.

If the empowerment of women were to take place, which would allow women around the world freedom over their reproductive cycles and simultaneously ending our enslavement to man-made Gods and religions that are chiefly responsible for most of our misery; maybe the term heaven wouldn’t merely be synonymous with wishful thinking?

I hate being a cynic, but on a personal note, the above is perhaps my wishful thinking, for as long as the fear of death consumes our limited minds, there will always be a God of some sort to cling to for comfort.  Give or take 50-100 years whereby an intelligence far superior to ours could appear.  It will not be human!  Thank God 😉

Girl of the month.

We sent esteemed journalist and part-time foot fetishist Anne Clarke to discover the deluded dwellers of the shallow dark-side of the world: The superficial worshipers of materialism.

GQ’s Lucky Lady of the Month is a miniature ‘ball’ of Greek cuteness!

  • Nationality: Greek
  • Body type: Slim/Petite.
  • Hair colour: Brunette (Natural).
  • Personal Dress Style: Hip & Sexy.


Nikki is officially the first of many models to come each month.  She will always be remembered, much like Marilyn Monroe (Playboy).

We are not interested in identities, and we respect the privacy of all individuals so we will not be providing full names or personal details.  GQGeorge.com is not a talent acquisition service, and we have a policy strictly forbidding the promotion of all our random selections. (Unless specifically requested. Fees will apply and vary depending on the level of stardom the client wishes to attain.

GQGeorge.com is not just a place to exchange ideas and philosophize like the dead so-called “saints”, but its mission is to spice up the lives of our readers, fanatic fans, staunch supporters, donors, sponsors, allies and foes with “a bit of fun, lightly sprinkled with a bitter dose of reality”.

The 3 L’s: Love Life & Laughter = Woman at GQGeorge.

Life shouldn’t be a serious affair for nobody gets out alive.  We have a mission, and we hope to achieve the following outcome: Indespensible/priceless beauty, fashion and fitness tips & tricks such as:

How to go through PMS syndrome and NOT get dumped instantly/in a flash! Agony will turn into fun! You’ll be surfing through the pain?  To be honest. You’ll forget what that horrid word means.  Yes, we’re full of pleasant surprises 🙂

Transforming your tree-trunk legs and thunder thighs to silky smooth “top model” legs that will look irresistible to ALL 6 genders,  We’re not quite sure of the number at present so six should be more than enough to be all-inclusive as these kinds of things tend to fluctuate like the stock market, and GQGeorge.com is a non-discriminatory platform! You need not worry for once we obtain all the correct information from Justin Trudeau’s website, we will post it here for you.  In the likely scenario, you’ve never heard of this man, Justin is the world’s leading authority on these matters.  He is also credited for being the first man since the birth of the English language to formulate new words and phrases and thus making the language richer than ever, allowing for more efficient communication or was it not to hurt people’s subjective feelings? SORRY PLEASE ACCEPT OUR APOLOGIES FOR THAT WOULD BE INSANE. .We’re now awaiting the rest of the Anglophone countries to catch up and enforce the law in each respective country.


How to watch for body language to see if he’s interested in you and we can even tell you if he’s in it for the long-term or only wants to gain entry and disappear!

We tutor on how you can remain in stealth mode by making you aware of all the unconscious signals of interest you give off.  There are 1096 postures in total.  Generosity is second nature at GQGeorge.com so here are 2 for free.

  1. Do not exhibit too much neck and wrist exposure.


  2. Shine the light of awareness on the (up until now) unconscious flicking of the hair when talking to the man of your dreams. 

Moreover, we prove that you’re not even safe while seated!  (Bet you never knew this before). For if you’re sitting either opposite or diagonally to him with a table in between, and he peeks under the table for a split second and notices how one of your crossed legs is bouncing, and it’s that very same legs toe which happens to be pointing right at him.  You’ve blown your cover. If he peeks and your legs are wide open the way men usually sit, you are finished, girl, you’re saying “I wanna screw your brains out”.  You can’t afford to let these things happen. You want to be stealthier than a B-2 and more confusing than any other woman on the planet, and you know it.  You’re trembling now.  It’s ok.  Do not panic.  You are so much more precious to us than a diamond.
Such intricate complexities can and will become as natural as breathing after graduating from our comprehensive GQGeorge.com TITANIUM course.

GQGeorge.com is your best friend whereas before you had a cold dead stone.   How dreadful.  All despair ends. You may rejoice as you’re now reborn.|
(We will help you give up all your demonic jewels and lavish possessions to benefit the foundation).

Delicate - Feminine - Fragile - Nurturing - Loving. The new-age "feminist" movements are nre nothing more than a cult of Man-hating. That's all they are. Nothing except for more self-inflicted misery is accomplished through denying your true nature. You cannot emasculate someone with 500-1000 times more testosterone than you have. You've managed to do it with some so-called "men" who are now at home changing nappies with Aprons on. They will always be the exception. If you were to take them for a blood test, you would find hormone levels equating females. They will die young. They need medical treatment. Be content with who you are. You want to change. Try it. All changes are superficial and futile. The notion of revenge doesn't make sense either, and you will see yourselves alone and childless at 40 and full of regrets. You wanted to deny your nature and be the CEO of a multinational to prove what? When you accept things as they are, you will find peace. The alternative will be a life of anger, hate, struggle, misery and resentment followed by death. Ultimately it's your choice! Do you want to be a man? You will then be forced to accept being treated as one. You won't like that. However, after all, you believed in a diseased notion of equality. That's not equality, and you know it.

It’s not over for you yet, GQGeorge.com also equals respect, devotion, tenderness and loving care, the likes of which you’ve never imagined or even seen in a soap opera!  This is a reality. 😘

GQGeorge.com decides for you whether you should or not do that boob job you’ve saved up for but may regret later and all this, because your idiotic boyfriend won’t stop harassing you about your small perky pair shaped breasts of wonders with nipples that point to the full moon at night?…GQGeorge.com

Give you upfront info on whether you are really what you see and despise in the mirror.  Your friends always say you look great when you could be on the verge of starvation, followed by a stroke and certain death.  We will show you that those who lie to you for whatever reason but especially those that claim “they’re afraid of hurting your feelings” are far from friends. You can think of them as spineless reptilians in disguise! In comes a neutral party with no prior knowledge or vested interest and saves the day. Guess who the neutral party is?  If you screamed it out loud through sheer joy and excitement, scream it again.

You deserve it because at GQGeorge.com we’ve replaced communication with what we call Tactful Art!

You’re wearing the whitest dress ever. It’s so white you couldn’t fathom an angel being that white.  It’s gorgeously tightly fitted around your beautifully toned body you’ve sacrificed so much sweat in the gym to reap the precious reward of having others ogling and complementing your perfect looks that would guarantee permanent happiness by inflating your self-worth!. (2 in 1). The highlight of your life comes next… 
You remember that it’s the heaviest day of your period and you’ve always been one to shed far too much. When you thought you brought the trusty tampon along with you, you open your tinny little handbaglette and SURPRISE: Only a Maxxx Fcuktor lipstick. The fear keeps you rummaging around your microscopic bag as though a miracle will take place.  You’ve got to think quickly. It crosses your mind to use the lipstick? (But you realise you are fooling yourself).  Why such a panic?  😒😒
You’re to dance and give a speech in front of a large audience (jam-packed stadium) and seven cameras will zoom into every angle and curvature your little body can offer (for the back-seaters). By now your mind is running horrific scenarios of a bloody dress being broadcasted live to over 150 countries around the world.  Your lifelong dream of a chance to be the next Beyonce is at stake. 
 GQGeorge.com answer: PEACE ‘O CAKE! 

Always there to honour and fulfil your womanly needs with pride!  ❤

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