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Bin the smartphone, iPod, & that new 4k TV your ex-bought you merely to alleviate her burden of guilt right before she dumped you for the tattoo ridden neighbour across the road she was having an affair with without your knowledge even after you’d just had your 7th child with her.  Unfortunately it’s an all too familiar scenario.  Now GQLive Radio is here!

It is evident, and therefore it must be conceded by all the sceptics that the ‘GQLive’ phenomenon’s planetary impact is to become an unstoppable forceWe are witnessing the miraculous rebirth of this old technological medium’s revival.

Dubbed by Levin magazine as “A unique experience not seen since the likes of 1943’s WK88 Good morning Vietnam broadcasts.”

An upbeat soundwave / GOA PsyTrance extravaganza packed with 1) Enlightening Pointers, 2) Ego-death 3) Live call-ins with fierce debates.  “Transcend all illusions & become one with the beats of GQ.

DISCLAIMER: Minds strictly prohibited from listening.  Leave them outside.  You can collect it again on the programs ending if you wish.

Thank you.

GQLive Team

Eimai lafazanis 😉

Now for something unrelated.

Note:  I have no affiliation or ties with any Chinese Intelligence Services but I just appreciate the simple beauties the world  has to offer that we sometimes take for granted.
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