What is good? Define good.

The act of trying to be good makes you worse than those you judge as being bad as you’re simply a hypocrite. You may feel morally superior; a sense of pride (which is simply a thought) now that you’ve labelled yourself “good”. You may even boast about how good you are and this can give you the feeling of being greater than others, but the only thing you’ve accomplished is the fortification of your false identity or what some call the ego, the false sense of self. All are illusions.

During the course of evolution, humans developed the ability to think. This was the beginning of what THOUGHT. We began to think of ourselves as individual entities, much like passengers travelling inside a body or head, separate from the “external world” around us. This evolutionary blunder made us self-conscious and separated us from the totality. Nature and other humans became foreign. We wanted to conquer, control and dominate. This led to the destruction of nature, the enslavement of fellow beings and the drawing up of man-made borders to separate us (leading to countless wars, atomic bomb manufacture and barbaric acts of violence).

Moreover, we have foolishly assumed that we serve a much grander and nobler purpose than all the other species on the planet, so we invented God’s and religious doctrines for some solace; coping mechanisms that provide “answers” pertaining to the meaning of life, an illusory sense of purpose to escape reality:  the wretched meaninglessness of our dark and miserable mortal existence.
It is said that God created man in his own image. Man actually made God in his image! Nevertheless, as long as we continue to be part of this predicament we need to use thought in the societies and cultures we have created or, (in the west at least) we would be cast insane and locked up in a loony bin.

The mind wishes to maintain its continuity (even though it knows it will come to an end). Everyone is striving to be in a state of permanent happiness.  There cannot be happiness without pain as they are two aspects of the same coin. When one sees this fact, striving to achieve permanent happiness or “becoming something other than what you are” is seen for what it is; an exercise in futility.  We can’t control our thoughts or our feelings because there is no controller.  We are our thoughts and feelings.  Is breathing something that “you” do?  Are “you” organizing the operation of your eyes, knowing exactly how to operate the rods and cones in the retina? or is it all just a happening?  Trying to attain some kind of spiritual experience is yet another of the minds cunning tricks.  When the ceasing of control takes place, we see life as a dance; a play of forms. We can play the game of life as long as we do not take it seriously.

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