Image Obsessed: The Relationship between Instagram and the Fitness Industry — When obsession with your image becomes a sickness. So many people have commited suicide when the inevitable forces of nature took over. To them their image was everything. They remained shallow & superficial.

STAY AWAY FROM THESE INDIVIDUALS. With 200 million current active users, it’s no surprise that Instagram is dominating the social media sphere, and is playing a huge part in the driving force that is the fitness industry. Through Instagram alone we have seen an astronomical surge in fitness movements, communities, and self-made influencers. Last year, Continue Reading

How does change work?

Science has finally dispelled the idea of free-will. Instead, we are bombarded with gossip and mind-numbing drivel; “topics” ranging from Donald Trump’s alleged affair with a pornstar to the detailed analysis of the current state of Kim Kardashian’s ass during pregnancy.