David Bohm. BOHM – The greatest scientists of the 20th Century.

B O H M Tribute to one of the greatest scientists of the 20th Century David Bohm 1917-1992 Written by:  George SatsiasAlong with Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist David Bohm (of whom Einstein spoke of as being his successor) made significant contributions to...

With 200 million current active users, it’s no surprise that Instagram is dominating the social media sphere, and is playing a huge part in the driving force that is the fitness industry. Through Instagram alone we have seen an astronomical surge in fitness movements, communities, and self-made influencers. Last year, it was reported that Facebook […]

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How does change work?

How does change work?

When change occurs, it is not something YOU do, therefore any attempts to change stemming from ideas will never work but will instead create problems. It could be said that life lives you. You don’t live life. Narrated by GQGeorgeMusic “Morning Light...
Give up the search

Give up the search

What is good? Define good. The act of trying to be good makes you worse than those you judge as being bad as you’re simply a hypocrite. You may feel morally superior; a sense of pride (which is simply a thought) now that you’ve labelled yourself...
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