Monkey Mind ~ lost in thought

Thinking vs Awareness.

By George Satsias.


The Illusion of Memory

Have you ever paid close attention to thoughts (this practice is foreign to many and thus tragic state has become normal).  Not being able to stop thinking is a dreadful affliction.  Being “lost in thought” in this context simply implies those that cannot observe the contents of their mind, let alone be totally silent.Most of us think all the time, day and night and the vast majority of these thoughts are utterly useless. We seem to only be able to escape the incessant noise during deep sleep.  We are constantly engaged in an inner dialogue with ‘ourselves’. Would you say this is very different from the  ‘madman’ you occasionally spot walking down a street or sitting on a bus talking to himself out aloud? Ponder on this for a little while…
Perhaps being equated with a mad person offends you? That’s ok. Most couldn’t care less about your feelings.I invite you to fully comprehend something before moving on with the topic at hand; Feelings are subjective.  Therefore, what may offend you may not offend another.  Can you respect this fact?  Are you an advocate of free speech and expression?  There can be no middle ground here, for if you are not, a method reserved for dictators prevails; it’s called censorship.  If we have learnt anything from past mistakes, we know that this can only lead to bondage. The stifling of individual freedom.

Facts don’t care about your feelings

(The suicide rate among shemales in the US is a staggering 80%, therefore if statistics are anything to go by, wanting to be a shemale is a disorder of the mind).

Noam Chomsky, who is no conservative, has a brilliant quote on this.

Noam Chomsky“If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

― Noam Chomsky

Our minds can limit us at every turn; the consequences of this being a severe drainage of vital energy. Getting out of the mind is of paramount importance, especially if one wants to see situations clearly. Therefore, we shall say mental fitness is concerned with awareness, so if you’re mentally fit you are aware. When you are aware you don’t fall victim to minds constant chatter.

We work out, eat right, take supplements but forget to cater to the inner training of the head, for when left unchecked, just like an abandoned garden, it sprouts wild weeds that become uncontrollable if not pruned.  By neglecting such a vital aspect of oneself, you can be certain that the thoughts shall become your master, the consequence is that they will eventually rule and consume you.  This can be likened to an inner parasite.  They can also seduce your imagination with future imaginary hopes and desires, thereby deluding you all the time.

Have you ever been in the future? Will thinking about it help in any way? Or will it gradually devour on each and every present moment, right up until your unavoidable death.  Wouldn’t it be a shame to leave empty-handed looking back and only then when your time’s up realize that all you did was plan for a non-existent mind illusion we call the future.  A future that never came to fruition.  What a waste.  Is this how you would like to go? Full of regrets?  Would you like to live an illusion?  A mere dream during your waking state?

There are many ‘sleep-walkers’ among us.  I’m sure you’ve noticed the person you spoke to a few hours ago that wasn’t fully listening to you.  Were they actually present when they were supposedly listening to you or someplace else, planning, worrying, judging, imagining?  You will notice it in their eyes and whether or not they can hold eye contact without any restlessness. We’ve all been in the situation where the person you were speaking to remembered a quarter of what you had said to them minutes earlier! (That’s an act of violence in itself). You can relate to this, can’t you? Look for these signs in others and learn. Perhaps you’ll be aware of the fact that you do the exact same thing.  When brought into the light of awareness, it will dissolve FOR GOOD.  Don’t be robotic.  Be authentic, original and spontaneous.  Stop trying to control everything and embrace the unknown.

Unfortunately, so many humans have not passed to the next stage of evolution (brain mutation) and are needlessly suffering, for they are never in the present.  Just because you got out of bed and had a few coffees is irrelevant.  You may well be in a stupor the whole day.

The mind can only survive on time, it’s allergic to the NOW so it will sabotage your efforts at first.  It may try to grab your attention, create doubts, fears, hopes, and regrets; which in turn generate stress both mentally and physically manifesting as bodily symptoms as the body is simply reacting to what it perceives as DANGER! The flight or fight response which releases a surge of adrenaline and spikes your cortisol levels is necessary when running away from a lion, but totally useless at 3 am whilst snuggled in bed in your satin pajamas, with the tanned model you “picked up” last night snoring peacefully next to you.

Watch her. Learn from her!  Caress her.  Don’t lie there thinking about tomorrow’s meeting and whether you may have a heart attack.  Make passionate love.  Life’s short.

& for our beautiful female readers ♀
Calm Down.

If you pay attention to these fears and doubts by analyzing them hoping to get a rational explanation from the mind or try to suppress them, you will be caught in a battle that cannot be won, and this will eventually lead you down a dark path filled with your beloved miseries. Life is irrational.
Feed those fears and give them more energy if you dare.  Watch them stay and tear you up emotionally.  Go to work tomorrow looking like a train-wreck and get your ass fired or simply see what is going on and DROP THE CRAP like you would drop a hot piece of coal.  Don’t be foolish and say to ‘yourself’: “It’s not that simple”, for if you do, you have just created another obstacle.  If you think you need 2-3 years to master yourself, then you shall be granted those 2-3 years of misery. You asked for it, so don’t complain.

What is thinking?

To escape this insane human condition, we need to start operating from somewhere completely unrelated. From awareness. Not your awareness, not my awareness but simply AWARENESS.  It’s so simple, which is why it is overlooked. Our fellow humans never bother to abide as their true self.

Awareness, the space in which everything happens.   That’s who you are!  You are not the ache in your left molar or the thought that just passed through your mind that told you that you may die in 5 minutes!  See if you die.  Maybe something dies if you go into it and let go? Maybe.

What does it feel like to be you?
No mind here, just abide AS pure awareness, you IDIOT! 

I got your attention.  Well done. 😉

Thinking is thought based whereas awareness is presence. The difference between the two is tremendous.
Paying attention to this moment (look up mindfulness for more information on staying in the moment). When you realize that all is fleeting, and whatever comes shall go, you can abide as your true self and NOT that neurotic lunatic which you were fooled into believing was who you are. That idiotic, superficial, shallow little you, full of petty problems. The petty little ‘me’ that constantly seeks reassurance and approval from others.  Your pathetic delusion.  CRY ME A RIVER.

Wake up NOW, not tomorrow. Life is short.  Don’t tacitly think you’ll live forever, fall in love with death.  Don’t fear it.

Moreover, observe what is happening right now, how you are feeling, what thoughts are running through that skull of yours.  Simply watch the thoughts as a detached observer.   Be curious…What is this power that can look at a thought as though it is watching all experience in the background?
What is this emptiness? This nothingness that cannot be grasped by the mind but is essentially you?  Let that fascinate you! 🙂 The hard problem of science (Consciousness).

Furthermore, be in tune with the sensory perceptions. Thinking makes any given situation complex and serves only to create more problems whereas awareness gives a direct perception or a direct knowing of a given situation so ‘you’ perceive it accurately and without that monkey mind commenting, judging, etc.  It will do its ‘thing’ for a while, it will fight hard, and that which is fighting is the ego. Just let it do its thing.  You simply watch.  The brain can be likened to a super-computer. A database of past memories and knowledge/crap.  Use it when you want to, for practical purposes.  Just don’t let it use you or you’ll become robotic.   De-program the crap.  The conditioned mind with its beliefs, ideologies, nationalism and primitive childish religions.  The brainwashing needs to be thrown out and seen for what it truly is; a virus that is responsible for all wars, hatred, divisions culminating in the sick human condition we see in many today.

The monkey mind I speak of is responsible for all the misery on this planet. One could go as far as saying that thinking is probably the worst and most detrimental habit that is never mentioned because nearly everyone is afflicted with the illness.  Far worse than any drug or poison, it’s the cause of stress which leads to a nice regiment of strokes, cancers, heart attacks and other goodies. The junk food you eat on a daily basis and your chain-smoking contribute around 10%?  Less you say?

Oh, you’re laughing…

Never mind.

When you are aware you can’t have a problem for thoughts create problems, so when you are aware and the monkey mind ceases its nonsensical chatter, you will soon come to realize that you’re no longer thinking involuntarily.  There’s space between two thoughts.  The spaces will become longer…What would you say comes next?  It is not an object the mind can grasp so for the sake of language, let’s call it BLISS? Freedom?  Words are mind stuff so chose any word.  Words are so petty.

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