Being alone is underrated even if it’s for long periods, but this is just an opinion, so it’s meaningless.  Nevertheless, self-transcendence is possible alone. Being content with being alone or aloneness being ‘key; Although this view totally contradicts the message in the video, it appears most humans suffer from loneliness and cannot go beyond this neurotic state. Perhaps the conveyed information in the video appeals to the masses but the matter is that it is a pleasant feeding to ones’ illusory ego.  Try to get rid of loneliness and you’re in conflict and thereby created another ‘problem’: “I’m this but I want to become that”.  This constant disease of striving to become is what sets up misery.

To be content with not becoming or having anyone tell you what to do and how to think is virtue.  Simply observe, suspending all analysis & judgments & see what happens. 

Rather than deteriorate as the presenter firmly asserts; when you’re not in conflict or fighting with your “self”, trying to change, you break the pattern of being caught in an endless mechanical loop of desolation.  Be mindful and present and see what happens.

Don’t belong, don’t conform, don’t join a religion, sect, clan, group of any kind and stand alone rather than one of the flock, for individual freedom is that which all seek. Sheep’s are in abundance. Suffering, destroying the planet chaos within and without being the consequence.  This video contradicts all that is meaningful and perpetuates the madness we have witnessed throughout history, its sole purpose which is none other than the appeasement of ones illusory-self, the ME, the ego.

People seem to fear being alone and seek communication with others to escape from themselves.  One who is intelligent, wouldn’t go as far as stating that interaction is necessary or else the brain deteriorates.  Quite the contrary…

Silence Speaks.



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