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Why not? he can use the influence to reach a larger audience. Although capitalism is not perfect, and one wouldn’t want to be tempted so soon as to assume that you’re a social justice warrior, I recommend you study the devastating effects created by man-made ideological ‘utopias’ such as communism or maybe a short visit to North Korea would be an enlightening experience for you? My answer to Why does Eckhart Tolle have to be a millionaire, if he’s truly enlightened and free of greed, while billions of people are starving in the world?

If you believe in the notion that people should give their wealth away assuming this would bring an end to poverty on this grossly overpopulated planet, be aware that if you’re not simply trolling for a petty laugh, you’ve provided for an easy task for one to presume that there could well be a hint of unhealthy jealousy behind your question.

If you are sincerely concerned and committed to the poverty alleviation cause, it is highly recommended you look into organized religions / mega-corporations such as Christianity whose utterly ingenious yet sinister business model, sporting the legendary motto: “Blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” exposes an obvious ‘painfully’ visible fact that most don’t seem to adhere to. However, I do wonder; could it be due to a lack of faith? are they hypocrites? despite the prior quite plausible assumptions, one asks how would it be possible for these “wholesome individuals” not to fear an eternity of hellfire that awaits them?

Very strange as well as mind boggling is the question of how is it that all these believers that never miss a chance to boast about their faith, call themselves devout Christians? pledging allegiance to an organization (exempt from taxes) fiercely dedicated to the poisoning of minds (or in Darwinian terminology: “lesser evolved minds) and the manufacture of untold misery solely based on the perpetual exploitation of the poor.

Questioner, you could also endeavor to familiarize yourself with other core issues pertaining to your concerns by researching the empowerment of women, and allowing them freedom over their reproductive cycle. That would surely be a very noble move. As we are going to see further down we shall discover why this ‘ultimate’ solution is anathema to the church.

Pope Benedict XVIIIIIVXIVI once recently stated something along these lines:

“Although AIDS is bad, condoms are far worse!” 

 I kid you not!

An organization that demands of its followers:

  • Constant sacrifice/torture.
  • Ceaseless adulation and praise to a celestial supernatural dictator that is always supervising your every action and your every thought. A jealous and vengeful god that knows what you are thinking every single moment, even whilst you are asleep. Who in their right mind would want to go on living this torturous, guilt laden “big brother” scenario?
  • The suspension of rational and critical thinking faculties. Do not question! (Hilarious)
  • The systematic indoctrination of innocent children via the schooling systems as well as from their ignorant parents. (To destroy a child’s innocence must be one of the vilest, wickedly disturbing evils created by this money making, woman burning, war causing divisive monstrosity). A time may come when these things may well be taught in a history class. Future generations attending to this dark period in civilization may well be shocked at how unenlightened and stupefied their ancestors were. I’m not sure whether such lessons would be filled either with children’s laughter or a silent pity.

Last summer while travelling Ayia Napa with a close friend, a conversation about religion ensued. The friend had mentioned the following; A public primary school based in Nicosia took their infant class of two and three year old children to worship dead bones. Needless to say, a sense of shock & disbelief consumed us both. A SAINTS DEAD BONES. (Cyprus 2017)

Let us continue…

  • Infestation of fear, guilt and shame into the minds of billions leading to anxiety, depression and basically creating a hell on earth for these human beings.
  • Suppression of one’s natural biological nature. Put the same sex together (monks & nuns) for life, (an unnatural torture destined to fail) and watch the resulting perversions burst out, the rampant child abuse and everything else that falls into the category of extreme immorality if such a phrase exists. The saddest part is their assertion that homosexuals are possessed. They were among the very first homosexuals that ever existed. Once again. how ironic! You cannot fight human nature and win. Whatever is repressed or fought, will persist and worsen and manifest itself in any and every way. The “War on drugs” being an example.
Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant

Try this exercise:

Don’t think of Pink Elephants.

What was the first thing that popped into your mind?

All this lunacy for a first-class ticket to heaven? Here you will live hell in exchange for a blissful afterlife. What if you could come to the realization you just may well be in heaven this moment?

We must be grateful for the fact that that we have made some progress. I haven’t witnessed an Inquisition or a Christian Crusade in my 40 years thus far. BUT I can’t help but notice a similar trend occurring now, 184 years a little late. I’m writing of yet another, even faster spreading Abrahamic religion that’s performing similar shenanigans today. You know which one; the final religion that claims to have a solution for every problem and every society! Hmm…According to Christian faith, the billions in India and throughout the world who are believing in the wrong god(s), or no god, no matter how good or kind they may be, WILL BURN IN ETERNAL HELL.

WAKE UP SHEEP OR ARE YOU TOO FAR GONE? Once the brainwashing serum is in, it’s game over.

Not wishing to escape completely from the topic at hand, Eckhart Tolle is neither a Rockefeller nor a Rothschild.

A quick question for you requiring no thought…Would you give away any of your own fortune if you had the opportunity? I’m not interested in your answer. I’m simply pointing out factors you may or may not wish to entertain.




People of faith, I invite you to “bash” me with everything you’ve got. The harder the better. It’s certainly far more amusing that way but do please remember; Ad hominem attacks simply expose you and your ignorance but do make the above case stronger. In any case, I’m a strong advocate of free speech so take your best shots sheeple! Let’s see some evidence 😉 Bring it on!

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