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If you cannot realize the following one bit...that’s ok. It’s right where you are. You are and have listened to people using language to show you what language cannot show you. Moreover, you use words to say it’s not true.
Language is exactly the problem. It’s a tool but a pretty “shitty” tool that has consumed you. You have been taken in by it. My name is George. I can say that I exist or I can say George exists. But “George exists” is far more accurate. I exist, sure. And George exists, true. But I am not George if I am George’s mind. And George can’t have a mind AND BE a mind. So which is it?
I ask you,..
Do you have a mind?
Who does?
Are you a mind?
So you have a you?
Are you subject or object?
Thinking that the language based way believing and feeling with regard to a self is exactly like the pencil drawing of two hands, one drawing the other and the other drawing the one.
That drawing by Escher?,.. I think that his name.
That’s you and your self.
Is that possible?
If you dig a little bit, you’ll see that’s pretty much how you feel about it. But that’s like trying to chew your teeth or swallow your stomach

Like time,
Only more persistent.

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Alcohol ranked the #1 killer consistently with cigarettes at #6. Cyprus’s unintentional genocidal policies which are based on ignorance & phobia to science; continues its archaic ‘zero-tolerance’ policies. Its panel of liver-less old men will have their heads buried in the sand till their outdated theories learnt during a 1950 med-school era are replaced with a younger batch with the faculties of reason and logic intact.  Up until the present day, their offspring have mainly been a clone of their parents.  They don’t allow the child to bring into the world its uniqueness, killing individuality.  The rebellious are intelligent.  The rest; “vegetables”.  Individual freedom is our most precious birthright.  Take that away, and you’re left with a parrot doing something he was persuaded to do for the rest of his life. 

The world at large is in need of newer and fresher uncontaminated minds. 
The generation I speak of will bless us with authenticity.  Not a parroting of past textbooks. Those dead books will fall in their place: The trashcan of a dark and dead history much before A.I. ” take over” with the resulting relegation for us primates to a role resembling a beloved ancestor merely half a chromosomes away from  the crude, violent, & at times playful & ‘cute….Chimpanzee.  Love GQ 😀

Lethalmost Drugs

*Note: most other substances on the list are not controlled but left underground; therefore the majority of deaths occur due to contamination.


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Contemplate this: If you believe as many do that you are the thinker of thoughts, that would mean you 'd have to think them before you think them. Thoughts just happen. Thought = memory = past.



Content That Matters

The Ancient Greeks used to say “know thy self”.  Few people today can comprehend what these profound words were pointing to.

“Culture has given you the idea of the ‘perfect woman’, or the ‘perfect man’. All cultures without exception, have kept you ignorant, shallow, self-centred and feeble-minded, with ideologies, dogma’s, various scriptures, beliefs and traditions.

Making you conform and telling you how to behave.  Bestowed with the sacred torch, you are now worthy enough to continue fanning the flames of stupidity and perpetuate the same mischief and so on.

You are told that through arduous practice or upon death you can eventually realise the state of the great dead saints and saviours of mankind.

Thereby what do you do? You try to control your behaviour;  control your thoughts, to be something mechanical, robotic and unnatural. These hindrances strengthen separation between you and the other.  When you go into it seriously, you will realise this for yourself.  They are barriers of thoughts that cannot allow for the actual realisation of self.   So in living this way, endless desire and suffering are the only 2 “things” that can be known.  You’re not doomed, however, for when the centuries-old conditioning is revealed, the pattern breaks., effortlessly. All fear ceases, and the mind remains silent. 

You’re free!

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